(55) Don't Forget These Cruise Must-Haves

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(55) Don't Forget These Cruise Must-Haves

In addition to your cruise wardrobe, here are some additional items that will make your cruise more enjoyable:

  • Pack a crushable tote bag or backpack for excursions and explorations on shore. This bag is also an “overflow” bag at the end of the cruise for all the purchases made along the way.
  • Small and large zipper plastic bags also come in handy for a multitude of uses, especially avoiding leaks and spills for liquids packed in checked luggage. Zipper bags are also handy for organizing sets of jewelry, maps and guidebooks, snacks and small personal toiletries for carry-on bags.
  • Purchase a hanging cosmetic bag and stock it with prescription medications, personal hygiene items and over-the-counter medications for common complaints like indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, eyestrain, toothaches and cuts and bruises. Hang it on the back of the door to free up space in a tiny cabin bathroom. (Check the latest prohibited items on the TSA Website before bringing questionable liquids in a carry-on bag.)
  • You never know when rain showers will pop up at sea and ashore, especially in the tropics. Don't forget a small umbrella and disposable poncho.
  • Most cruise ships do not have alarm clocks in the cabins. They want you to forget time and relax. You can leave a wake-up call or coffee order for early morning excursions, but there's no guarantee you will get it on time. Bring a small battery-powered alarm for back-up. (Even if you are not a morning person, set it one morning for a few minutes before sunrise and treat yourself to a glorious sunrise at sea.)
  • A pair of small binoculars should never be far away for spotting whales, wildlife and coastal landmarks or viewing passing ships and the starlit sky. Some cruisers also enjoy tracking the ship's course with a handheld Global Positioning System (GPS).
  • A small flashlight and nightlight come in handy in dark cabins at night.
  • A travel journal will be your best souvenir when it comes to capturing and reliving cruise moments long after you are back on land.
  • Small gifts that are representative of your hometown are a fun way to delight shipmates and show extra appreciation to crew members. (Small gifts do not take the place of onboard gratuities!)



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