(79) What to Take Along for a Day in Port

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(79) What to Take Along for a Day in Port

Remember that tote bag or backpack you packed? Now is the time to stock it and take it along while exploring a port. Don't forget these daypack essentials:

  • Your cruise card. You must show your cruise card and crowd by photo ID any time you leave or return to the ship.
  • Your excursion tour ticket. You won't get far without it!
  • A bottle of water and snack. Err on the side of caution in international ports where water quality is questionable.
  • An umbrella or poncho. Unexpected showers crop up and there's nothing more uncomfortable than touring in wet clothes.
  • A hat, sunshades and sunscreen. In tropical climates, add insect repellent.
  • Over the counter meds for headache, nausea and indigestion and bacterial hand gel and tissues. (Public restrooms in some countries do not supply toilet tissue!)
  • Your camera and cruise journal.
  • Money and credit cards tucked securely in a hidden pouch or money belt.
  • A local map and guidebook, especially if exploring on your own.
  • The name and telephone number for the cruise line port agent.
  • A cell phone or calling card for a quick call home.
Before disembarking in port, confirm sail-away time and allow plenty of time to get back to the ship for sail-away.



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