(75) Getting the Most from Cruise Tours

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(75) Getting the Most from Cruise Tours

Here are some tips for getting the most pleasure out of your cruise ship group excursion:

  • Request the earliest tour of the day and get ahead of the crowds. Arrive at the specified tour meeting point early. Make sure everyone in your travel group is present. There are multiple buses for some tours. Cruise representatives give out numbered stickers for each tour bus. It pays to be on one of the first buses, but unless everyone in your group is present, you cannot pick up your tour stickers and must wait for a later bus. Early tours also allow time to relax when you return to the ship rather than rushing to dinner.
  • Give the escort a break. The tour escort is paid to be your liaison for local sightseeing. They are not paid to be at your beck and call for every little grievance, wish and command. Don't expect them to hold your hand throughout the cruise tour. Most cruise tour guides are entertaining and informative. Listen and learn from them Don't try to “one-up” the guide.
  • Use good tour group etiquette. Share positive insights and keep negative comments to yourself. On every tour there is a group whiner. The whiner always finds something wrong with everything. Sometimes they have to look hard, but they'll find something to complain about. They are also the ones who seem to delight in keeping the group waiting while they shop a few more minutes or enjoy one more cigarette. Make new friends. Add value to the tour for others and you will automatically make new friends. Introduce yourself to other tour guests. Offer to take photos of other couples or groups. (Hopefully they will reciprocate.)



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