(97) Cruise Souvenirs Should Be Special

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(97) Cruise Souvenirs Should Be Special

Many travelers give in shopping impulses and return home with “junk” that is later ditched or sold at a garage sale. The unusual and unique will last long after the t-shirt wears out or you sell the souvenir drink glass at a garage sale. Use your imagination. Start a collection of recipes from around the world. Purchase holiday ornaments and relive travel memories as you decorate your tree each December. Purchase small pieces of artwork and build a cruise wall art collection.

Some examples of unique mementos at popular cruise destinations includes: jade and pearls in China, silver and turquoise in Mexico, diamonds and Delftware in Amsterdam, crystal in Ireland, Lladro ceramics in Spain, oriental rugs in Istanbul, Murano glass in Venice, and hand-painted tiles in Lisbon.



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