(93) Making Cruise Memories Last

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(93) Making Cruise Memories Last

It has been a month since you returned from your cruise. Photos are stuffed in a shoebox in the closet. Your trip seems like a dream. The memories are fading. Use these tips from a creative travel expert to capture special cruise moments and make your memories last.

Making Memories Begins with a Plan. One essential part of creating and capturing your cruise memories is simple planning. Make travel planning a joint project. Hold a family meeting or pre-cruise planning party with friends and develop cruise “wish lists.” Plan some separate activities and arrange group travel days for those who want to experience the same things. Participation adds excitement and gets everyone off to a positive start. Read over guidebooks and highlight must-see attractions and activities. Hand out Internet research assignments and hold a contest for discovering the most unusual ship activity or the best cruise port tours. Create a take-along folder of cruise ideas for your voyage.



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