(65) Cruise Terms You Should Know

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(65) Cruise Terms You Should Know

While you are exploring and learning the lay of the ship, here are a few common nautical terms you should learn.

  • A cruise ship is never called a boat.
  • The Captain is not the driver of the ship. He is always referred to as Captain and he runs the ship from the Bridge.
  • The left side of the ship is the port side.
  • The right side of the ship is the starboard side.
  • The back of the ship is the stern. The front is the bow.
  • The ship's kitchen is the galley.
  • The gangway is where you embark and disembark from the ship.
  • A berth is the spot where the ship docks in port.
  • Tenders are small boats (usually the ship's motorized lifeboats) used to transport passengers to shore in ports where the ship must anchor in the harbor rather than in a berth at the dock.
  • Sail-away is the party on deck whenever a ship leaves port.



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