(64) Learning Your Way Around the Ship

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(64) Learning Your Way Around the Ship

Mega-cruise ships are floating cities. For instance, Royal Caribbean's new Liberty of the Seas tops the scales at 160,000 tons. It's 1,112 feet long and towers 15 decks above the sea. Most passengers spend the first few days onboard a large ship lost. It's not uncommon to hear questions like: “Is this the front or back of the ship?” and “How can I get to the casino?” Don't be embarrassed to ask; it's all part of the cruise experience.

Veteran cruisers start each cruise with an orientation tour. Pick up a copy of the ship's deck plan from your cabin or the purser's desk and go exploring. Start at the highest deck in the bow (front) of the ship. Work your way aft (back) and then go down one deck and work your way forward. Head down another deck and work back aft again until you have covered the ship. On most ships, even numbered cabins are on one side or the ship and odd numbers are on the other side. There are also deck plans on the walls of public areas throughout the ship near elevators and stairways.



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