(62) Additional Cruise Money Smarts

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(62) Additional Cruise Money Smarts

The well-prepared traveler doesn't depend on any one method of travel funds. A combination of all four travel funds offer the peace of mind of knowing that your travel needs for pleasure and in an emergency are covered. Here are some additional money smarts for handling cruise travel funds:

  • When traveling with a companion, each person should take a different credit card. If one card is lost and must be cancelled, you still have a back-up card.
  • Make a copy of both sides of your ATM and credits cards before you leave and keep the copy separate from your cards. Leave a copy of all credit cards at home with friends or family. In the event of loss or theft, a copy expedites cancellation.
  • When traveling outside of your home country, notify credit card companies in advance what countries you are visiting. Most companies have security procedures that call for automatically canceling a credit card if “strange” international purchases begin posting to your account.



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