(58) What Kind of Cruise Travel Funds Should You Take?

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(58) What Kind of Cruise Travel Funds Should You Take?

Whether you are cruising in the U.S. or abroad, travel dollar options are very similar. Travel funds may be in the form of cash, travelers checks, ATM/debit cards and credit cards. Take a combination of all four, especially for extended travel or on international cruises.

Always plan to carry a cushion of cash. That said, carrying too much cash is dangerous. Never flash your cash. Purchase a good money belt or neck pouch before you travel and never carry more cash than you can afford to lose.

Travel experts recommend taking $20 in $1 bills. Regardless of the local currency, $1 bills are usually welcomed. Also when traveling with cash, ask for crisp, undamaged bills. Old and worn paper currency or bills that have been defaced with words or drawings are illegal or may not be accepted in some international locations.

Some travelers get foreign currency before leaving on their cruise. However, most local banks do not keep foreign currencies in stock. It must be ordered in advance for a fee. Most international cruise ships have an automatic teller machine (ATM) onboard with currency for each port of call and there are plenty of ATMs in ports around the world.



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