(57) When Flying to Your Cruise Port

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(57) When Flying to Your Cruise Port

Air travel is fraught with delays and cancellations. Travelers miss cruise ships daily because flights are delayed or cancelled by weather and mechanical problems.

Don't cut your travel day too close. Whether you opt for a fly/cruise package or personal air travel, it pays arrive at your cruise port a day or two before your cruise. Relax and enjoy local attractions with the knowledge that you will be at the dock and ready to sail on time.

  • If you don't arrive in port a day or more ahead, book the earliest morning flight possible. If the flight cancels or is delayed, you have a full day to get back on track and still catch your cruise ship.
  • Book a non-stop flight if possible. T he more stops you make, the longer it takes to get there and the more chances for a delay.
  • If you must change flights, avoid close connections. Making a flight connection may be as simple as walking across the hall or to the gate next door or as complicated as waiting for a shuttle or train to another concourse or another terminal. Close connections (under 90 minutes) also increase the possibility that even if you make the flight, but your checked baggage won't arrive for sail-away.



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