(99) All Good Things Come to an End

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(99) All Good Things Come to an End

All too soon it is the last day of your cruise. Where did the time go? Time to pack your bags again. Your biggest problem may be getting all the souvenirs and purchases home. It's time for that collapsible tote bag or backpack you packed. You'll be glad you have it. The cruise ship shops also sell an “over-flow” bag during the last few days of the cruise. (Sales are always brisk!) Pack your important “can't lose” or breakable items in a carry-on bag. Don't forget medications and a change of clothes.

Next, attend the disembarkation talk to learn how to expedite customs/immigration clearance. You will receive color-coded baggage tags. These tags are for identification and indicate the order for disembarking. Checked baggage must be tagged and outside your cabin door before .

Heads Up: In addition to your carry-on bag, be sure to keep clothes to wear in the morning. You don't want to parade off the ship in your pajamas! It happens!



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