(98) Capture and Preserve Cruise Images

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(98) Capture and Preserve Cruise Images

Combined with your travel journal, photographs, postcards and small prints tell the story of your trip.

  • While you are writing postcards for the folks back home, send a couple to yourself at home and add them to your cruise photo memory album.
  • Digital cameras make capturing travel images a breeze. You can point and click to your heart's content. Later, review and discard the rejects. Purchase a book on photography or take a basic photography class before your cruise. Be alert for intriguing photographic perspectives.
  • While digital cameras are great, don't underestimate the memory capturing value of simple disposable cameras. Give a disposable camera to each family member. After a few basic point-and-shoot lessons, you'll find travel photos from your five-year-old, teen or eighty-year-old grandmother will add interesting perspectives to your travel memories.
  • Purchase a good quality scrapbook or album for cruise memories. Get creative! Clip relevant facts and figures from brochures to supplement photographs of local sights and attractions. Use a cruise ship menu as the background for photos of family members feasting on cruise cuisine. Copy excerpts from your travel journal as captions. Treasure and share your travel memories!



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