(90) Shipboard Safety Pointers

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(90) Shipboard Safety Pointers

Cruise ship safety precautions are no different than commonsense safety precautions in a hotel. It is important to be aware of your surrounding all times. Most common crimes at sea occur when travelers are careless or intoxicated.

  • Heed onboard safety directions. Know where emergency exits are located and establish an emergency meeting point with family and co-travelers.
  • Never throw cigarettes or cigars overboard. They may blow back into a lower deck and start a fire.
  • Socialize only in public places. Never accompany newfound friends among fellow travelers or crew members to their cabins, especially when traveling solo.
  • Keep your cabin locked at all times. Make certain the door closes securely whenever you leave your cabin. On most ships, your on-board credit card is also your electronic room key. Guard it carefully. If it is lost, immediately contact the purser's desk to invalidate it and obtain a replacement.
  • Typically, a ship is a cashless society. Everything you want is purchased with your onboard card. There is no reason to take large amounts of cash around the ship. So, if you strike it rich in the casino or win the Bingo jackpot, don't flash your cash. Stash it in the ship safe.
  • Keep clothes, shoes, a flashlight and critical meds beside the bed on a ship (or in a hotel) in the event you must leave the room quickly.



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