(88) Seasickness and Sunburn

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(88) Seasickness and Sunburn

Fear of becoming seasick should not prevent enjoying a cruise. Modern cruise ships are equipped with stabilizers that reduce the motion of the seas. Stateroom location is also important if you are prone to motion sickness. Choose a stateroom that is low in the ship and located mid-ship. Consult your physician about seasickness prevention such as a Scopolamine Transderm IV patch worn behind the ear. Over the counter remedies include medications such as Bonine or Dramamine. And, many sailors swear by simple pressure-point wrist bands sold at local pharmacies, popping herbal ginger capsules, drinking ginger ale or nibbling ginger snaps.

Sunburn is much more likely to be a problem on cruises. Tropical sun at sea is more potent than on land. Shipboard breezes keep you feeling cool while you are frying under intense ultraviolet rays. Apply sunscreen liberally. Don't forget lips and bottoms of the feet and always wear a hat. (Note: Don't think only tropical exposure. Even in frigid climates like Alaska or the Antarctica , sunburn is possible.) Simple sunburn prevention saves hours of pain and potential health issues.



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