(86) Research Cruise Ship Medical Facilities

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(86) Research Cruise Ship Medical Facilities

If you have chronic health issues or concerns, research cruise ship medical facilities before choosing which cruise line and which ship to book for your cruise. All major cruise lines have medical facilities on their ships. Most of the facilities comply with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). Modern shipboard medical clinics are equipped with cardiac monitors, airway equipment and (sometimes) advanced medical technology including video conferencing with land-based specialists. Typically, the larger and newer the ship, the more modern and well-equipped the medical facilities are. But, if you need emergency surgery or treatment for a stroke or heart attack, you will have to be evacuated from the ship.

If you need treatment for seasickness, sunburn or common medical complaints it is available. Plan ahead to pay for visits to the ship's infirmary. Medical services are added to your shipboard account. You must pay for the services and file for insurance reimbursement after the cruise.



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