(35) Cruising the Roof of the World

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(35) Cruising the Roof of the World

The roof of the world starts in the Arctic and circles spectacular coastal fjords, glaciers and ice flows. Cruise ships visiting these areas vary from the larger luxury cruise ships (in the southernmost part of the Arctic) to small expedition ships with ice-hardened hulls. Expedition ships cruise the coast of Norway to Murmansk or to the Islands of Svalbard. Explore the ice fields of the Greenland coast or Baffin Island and possibly the Northwest Passage around the top of Canada. The lower Arctic areas of Reykjavik, Iceland; Prins Christian Sund and Qaqortoq, Greenland are popular ports of call on transatlantic cruises between Europe and the United States.

  • Best Bets: Views of the spectacular Aurora Borealis. Cruising amid giant icebergs in Prins Christian Sund. Getting a taste of the Land of Fire and Ice in the dramatic landscape of Iceland.
  • Best Time: Most cruises take place from June to early September when there is more daylight.



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