(72) Don't Miss These Special Shipboard Tours

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(72) Don't Miss These Special Shipboard Tours

Not every cruise line offers the same onboard tours, but most cruises feature several opportunities for a look “behind the scenes.”

  • Galley tours take guests into the kitchen for an educational look at how the Chef and culinary team wine and dine so many guests around the clock. A fact sheet with the amounts of beverages and food consumed on a seven day cruise is amazing. Average annual shipboard grocery bill tops $5 million.
  • Onboard demonstrations offer insight into the intricate arts of veggie garnishment, making specialty martinis, ice-carving or floral arrangements.
  • Bridge tours (where the Captain runs the ship) are no longer accessible to passengers while at sea for security reasons. However, some cruise lines host Bridge Tours while in port. The technology behind maneuvering modern mega-ships is state-of-the-art. Don't miss the chance to tour the bridge and enjoy the incredible view if a tour is offered.
  • Back stage tours offer an inside look at how entertainers manage elaborate costume changes in minutes and in a space not much larger than a walk-in closet at home.
Most of these onboard tours and demonstrations take place only one time and on just one day while at sea or in port. Check your ship newspaper each night for upcoming special activities so you won't miss the chance to learn more about life at sea.



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