(48) What Travel Agents Cannot Do

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(48) What Travel Agents Cannot Do

It's equally important to understand what cruise travel agents cannot do for you. Travel agents are professionals. They are in business to make a living. Don't expect a local travel agent to spend hours researching a cruise for you and comparing other cruise prices without a fee, especially if you do not book your cruise with them.

Travel agents will do everything possible to ensure that your cruise meets expectations; however, they cannot guarantee you a perfect cruise. They cannot guarantee that your flights will be on time or that your cruise ship will wait for you. They cannot “double-book” different flights or with multiple airlines so you have back-ups. While they are your cruise advocate when there are travel problems or emergencies, they are not ultimately responsible for missed flights, lost bags and unavoidable travel disappointments. Although they negotiate with airlines, hotels and cruise lines, they sometimes cannot prevent travel problems and their consequences.



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