(47) Helping a Travel Agent Help You

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(47) Helping a Travel Agent Help You

Knowing where you want to cruise and having a realistic idea of how much you can spend on a cruise is important. The more information you provide for a cruise specialist, the better they can help you find the best cruise at the best price. Discuss how many people are traveling with you and any special requirements they have. If cruise cost is your primary consideration, make sure the agent understands this and offers cost-saving options. Discuss offers you see advertised or on the Internet and give them the chance to make a competitive offer.

A good travel agent works with you to determine when to cut corners and when to stretch your cruise budget a bit. Keep in mind you get what you pay for and the cheapest cruise is not always the best way to go. Be open-minded to the agent's suggestions and receptive to alternative ideas. However, be wary if a cruise agent pushes only one cruise line instead of offering comparisons among several cruise lines. Rather than being objective, the agent may be influenced by high commissions or agent promotions with that cruise line.



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