(17) Wedding Cruises

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(17) Wedding Cruises

Imagine a wedding onboard ship or in a romantic port paradise. Getting married on a cruise places a whole new twist on a destination wedding for the wedding couple and wedding guests. A cruise ship wedding is usually less stressful and often costs less in the long run than a traditional wedding. Best of all, you are “on location” for a great romantic honeymoon immediately following the ceremony. For wedding guests, a cruise wedding combines celebrating the wedding and a dream vacation. Compare costs for guests who travel to a traditional wedding, paying airfare, accommodations, local transportation, food and entertainment with the cost of a cruise that includes these factors.

Cruise weddings can be simple or elaborate. Some cruise lines offer services of a wedding coordinator to handle all the details, including flowers, music, photography/videography and the wedding cake. Although most cruise ship wedding take place while in port, some cruise ships have added wedding chapels or offer sunset ceremonies on deck.

Here are some important considerations when planning a wedding cruise:

  • Does the cruise line offer wedding services?
  • Can you marry at sea or only in port?
  • What is the cost of a cruise wedding ceremony and what is included?
  • Who will perform the ceremony?
  • What legal documentation is required?
  • What group discounts can your guests expect?
Note: Many couples also celebrate wedding anniversaries by renewing their wedding vows on a cruise. As a rule, the only requirement is your original marriage license. What a romantic surprise for a spouse!



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