(6) One Size Does Not Fit All

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(6) One Size Does Not Fit All

In finding the right cruise match, it helps to know the differences and advantages for ship size. Small cruise ships typically carry fewer than 1000 guests. Ships carrying 1000 to 2000 passengers are considered mid-sized and those carrying over 2000 to 3,000 are large. And, mega-ships accommodate over 3,000 passengers.

Advantages of Large and Mega Cruise Ships

  • Offer more activities and more activity choices.
  • Provide more dining options.
  • Have more glitzy public spaces.
  • Boast bigger casino/spa, gym and more cruise shops.
  • Handle rough seas better.
  • Offer large scale, elaborate production shows.
Advantages of Smaller Cruise Ships

  • Relaxing atmosphere, fewer activities.
  • Service is more personalized.
  • Easier to get around the ship.
  • Can get into ports/ areas too small for large ships.
  • Allow faster boarding and disembarking.



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