(5) How Long Do You Want to Cruise?

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(5) How Long Do You Want to Cruise?

Travel time is another important factor in finding the best cruise match. There are one day cruises to nowhere, 100 day around the world cruises and everything in between. Typically, Caribbean cruises sail from three to 10 days and there are multiple cruise ports within a few hours drive or a short flight from many U.S. east coast airports. Hawaiian cruises are usually seven days with stops at the major islands with at least a six to eight hour flight from major U.S. and Asia gateways. Mediterranean and Europe cruise itineraries also require a long flight from the U.S. or Asia , but are a “home” port choice for Europeans. Most Med and Europe cruises average 10-15 days. South America cruises are 10-21 days with long flights from the U.S. , Europe . And, cruises that begin in Australia and New Zealand require a 13-15 hour flight from the U.S. and almost 20 hours from London . Cruise down under are typically 14-30 days.

How much time do you have? If you only have a one week vacation, you don't want to spend half of it getting to the cruise ship.



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